About the Interstate Hockey League

The Interstate Hockey League is a revolutionary model of Single-A Semi-Professional Hockey.

The IHL is slated to begin in Late October 2019, with 12 teams throughout the state of Michigan, 4 of which will call Fraser Hockeyland home and in which most of our league resources will be poured into for year 1.

Financially, the IHL will be funded fully before the season, so no teams will fold mid-season due to financial issues, most of our large corporate sponsors will be from either the Detroit or Grand Rapids market, meaning those markets will be responsible for funding the smaller markets, which in turn may be some of our better fan markets.

Each team in the Interstate Hockey League is centrally owned by the league, eliminating ownership for profit and allowing the league to find local management for each program, ensuring we put the best product both business and hockey wise, on the ice.

Each team operates with a budget of $300,000, nearly half of the lateral move Federal Hockey League and a third of the higher-A Southern Pro League, this includes payment for staff, marketing, equipment, travel and insurance, door sales are split between players, a league tax and team bonuses. 


All players salary is derived entirely through door sales, giving players ownership of their income and boosting each teams marketing. In short if players want to make more, they themselves can sell more (commission on sponsorships is available to players)

One of the best side effects of the profit sharing payment system is the low cost of tickets. Single game tickets will run at the $7 mark, whereas Season Tickets will run at $80, including the playoffs, the IHL will NEVER charge for parking. Compartively, the tickets are half the price of the average Federal Hockey League single game ticket and a third of the price for Season Tickets, all for the same playing level.

The IHL puts a huge focus on the theatrics, spending most of our budget on videoboards, sound systems, lights, fog machines, mascots, on-ice projectors, inflatable tunnels and so much more. We are fully dedicated to providing the best entertainment experience possible.

In our first year we are putting in videoboards and updated sound system to each arena, along with putting in "cubicle" suites for each arena, allowing us to have a premier seating options for groups and corporations, a few of our arenas will recieve new seating to reach a higher capacity. 

Over the years, we will continue developing arenas to be better places to watch hockey, including new seating, boards, lights, locker rooms, permenant suites and other general mantainence, all in all the IHL would like to pour around $2,000,000 mark through the next 10-15 years.


All in all, the Interstate Hockey League is the ultimate league for players, fans and venues 

© 2019 Interstate Hockey League.

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