4 Teams In One Arena, Will It Work?

Updated: May 20, 2019

The most controversial move the Interstate League has made, putting 4 teams in one building, but look only down the road for the answer.

Modeling an already successful model

7 miles up the road from Fraser Hockeyland, is a baseball stadium named Jimmy John's field. Beginning in 2016 it hosted three teams, then four in 2017 and not only did this new model of business work for one team, it took a market avoided by every minor baseball league for years and built into something successful.

The United Shores Professional Baseball League averages around 3,000 fans a night in a ballpark built to hold around 4,500 spectators, they focus the league on the atmosphere, theatrics and entertainment experience, in addition to quality baseball and has worked like a charm. At the time of this writing, they have had expansion offers from over 30 cities to bring the USPBL to town, it has been a wildly successful venture.

Building off that foundation

With the sudden closure of the Polar Palace in Lapeer and with no suitable rink in Port Huron, the Interstate Hockey League decided to consolidate those franchises, along with the Brighton franchise to Fraser.

"This will give us over a half million dollars to renovate an already great building and turn it into a place where Detroiters can go to watch really good hockey, for cheap" said Commissioner Drake MacKenzie

The IHL is going to be adding a 4 sided, center hung videoboard, a concert quality sound system, renovating 4 locker rooms and adding 14 suites as well as general repairs and cleaning.

"We really think this could be our headquarters in a sense, a place to model the other 8 franchises buildings after, it really should be jewel for years to come"

The Ghost of Hockey's Past

Fraser Hockeyland's priority arena was built in 1991 and was originally home of the Detroit Falcons of the Colonial Hockey League (later the United League) lasting until 1996, when they relocated to Port Huron. Teams since then have came and gone, few lasting past 3 years, for many pro hockey experts, its considered a "dead zone"

There is no bad markets, just bad marketing.

"We have a very young, hungry and smart marketing staff, we have a great example of how to do it with the USPBL down the road and we have a good arena that wants to work with us, I expect the building to be full every night" added MacKenzie "We are going to have live music, guest appearances and a whole slew of excitement in the building"

Fraser Hockeyland will see about 64 games during the season, primarily around the weekend, all 12 teams will make a stop in the building

Tickets are $7 and season passes are $80, a league pass (for all games) will be around the $250 mark. The season begins in Late October.


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